I Had Fun at Goodwill Today

United States
September 18, 2023 11:13pm CST
I had to run a bunch of errands today and since I was near a Goodwill store (thrift store if you aren't from the US), I just had to stop in. I had intended to stay only 30 minutes but you know how it is when one starts browsing...so I stayed an hour. I bought a set of plastic shelves with 3 drawers for my new storage unit ($6.09), a Vineyard Vines women's blouse ($6.24), a men's red heavy, lined windbreaker from Eddie Bauer ($7.24), and the best thing I got was a CC Filson heavy wool vest (6.24)...I haven't figured out if it's a men's or ladies' design yet but the prices for this vest on eBay are selling for between $80 and $100. I paid $27.35 for all of that, including tax, and am very excited to get the 3 clothing items listed on eBay. I will try to remember to let you know what that vest sells for when it does sell. Do you like going to thrift stores?
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@AmbiePam (77171)
• United States
19 Sep
I haven’t shopped in a thrift store in a very long time. I’ve definitely donated to a thrift store more recently. It’s fun to go to one, and find some really good deals; especially if you go to one in a very nice part of town.
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@RebeccasFarm (111113)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
19 Sep
Good luck with the selling Karen. I do like to go to thrift stores as long as there is not way too much dust. then I sneeze
@wolfgirl569 (82976)
• Marion, Ohio
19 Sep
I enjoy them. You did great
@1creekgirl (37997)
• United States
19 Sep
We like to stop at thrift stores...none very near us. To me, it's the thrill of the hunt. You never know what treasure you might find.
@JESSY3236 (18136)
• United States
19 Sep
I only been in Goodwiil once a long time ago. I mostly donate to there.
@Dena91 (14476)
• United States
19 Sep
We have a Goodwill and Salvation Army store in our town. And a couple of other thrift stores associated with local church's which give the money made at the stores to missionaries. I don't go often but I do enjoy when I go.
@jstory07 (128227)
• Roseburg, Oregon
19 Sep
I like going to thrift store they are fun to look around in.
@LadyDuck (438283)
• Switzerland
19 Sep
I enjoyed visiting the thrift stores in the United States. We have one here, very small. I never found anything of my interest.
@JudyEv (314870)
• Rockingham, Australia
19 Sep
They are often called op shops (opportunity shops) in Australia. You can get some great bargains sometimes.
@Gilljane (1910)
• United Kingdom
19 Sep
Yes I do. They are called pound shops in the UK