To rent or buy an apartment?

November 5, 2023 6:24am CST
On one had, it seems that if you are a renter, you will have less expenses, as if there is a problem with the apartment, say a toliet leak, or a bad roof, then the land lord should pay it. But I feel as if the money for rent is not working for me, I would rather pay a mortagage, and then at the end, the apartment is mine. Yes, I would pay for the housing repairs, but I would have equity in the property. What is your opinion?
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@LadyDuck (450837)
• Switzerland
5 Nov
I paid a rent for years and finally realized that it was all wasted money. I could have bought a house paying a rent instead of renting. With high inflation it's dangerous to rent. What if the landlord raises your rent of 10% every year?
@DaddyEvil (137253)
• United States
5 Nov
I prefer to rent than own a home. I've owned several of my homes over the years but am unable to do the repairs on a home I own so would have to hire people to do repairs for me. I sold my last home almost 30 years ago and have been happy to rent since then. I don't make my own repairs and am not out the extra expense of paying for the repairs.