Get payed to read emails, a really great site to do so...

@shomomo (850)
March 13, 2007 12:08pm CST
I've found a website that gives you a 2$ sign up bonus and only a 10$ payout! It pays for egold and paypal and you can get to the minimum really fast, try it:
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@vityota (878)
• India
13 Mar 07
have you been paid by this site before because there are a lot of scam sites now a days.. so let us know if you have been paid before
@shomomo (850)
• Israel
13 Mar 07
Personally i haven't been payed by this site because I just signed up, however my friend did get payed, plus most of the scam sites you can recognized by the imaginary payout of 20,000$ and so on... this is not a scam.
@GardenGerty (110942)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I will look at it later, and if I sign up, I will use your link. Have you actually been paid by this site? how many times?
@alen0224 (527)
• China
13 Mar 07
Hi shomomo, I had checked it out with your gateway, here are some statistics on its homepage: "site lauched 25th January,2007 current membership(updated daily) 737 active members gold members(updated daily) 7 members member payouts $13.00" According to its statistics, we can find out that the paid rate is too low and it isn't worth trying, in my opinion. (I say this not to spam your discussion, only to give a first-sight judgement to it.)
@anirc750310 (3424)
• Romania
13 Mar 07
I heard about this site, never join. I will take a look at it but I am not very enthusiastic about it.I saw a lot of scam site, they don't pa, and so forth..