Do you own a leather jacket?

April 22, 2007 11:32pm CST
Do you own a leather jacket? Buying, owning and wearing a leather jacket here in my country seem impractical since it's a tropical country and it would look weird if you wear a leather jacket on a very hot day. What about you? Do you own one? How often do you use your leather jacket? Why do you have a leather jacket? What made you buy it and in which occasions do you use it?
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@hcromer (2712)
• United States
23 Apr 07
I don't own a real leather jacket anymore. I bought one a few years ago from a thrift store because I thought it was cute, but the leather ended up being too stiff to actually wear the jacket around so I think I gave it to a different thrift store.
• Singapore
23 Apr 07
Leather jackets are lovely. They can look very polished and classy and are very versatile. These are the reasons why I bought my leather jacket. Yes, I do own a leather jacket and use it on very special occasions. So therefore I wear it only rarely and usually only when I know that I will be in an air conditioned environment. It is outstanding and keeps me nice and warm in cool environments. Also, they are really useful when travelling overseas because they are suitable for temperate climates. I just to wipe them and then I am ready to wear them again! :)
@Calais (10900)
• Australia
23 Apr 07
Yes I have a couple. They dont get worn very often. Only special occasions or if we have to go out in the night time and its really cold. I just really like them and look nice.
@ctv101103 (860)
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
yes, i do have one. but i only use it whenever i travel overseas where i expect that it will be cold.
@kming52 (280)
• China
23 Apr 07
no,i have not got a leather jacket yet.I think it is eccentric to wear a jacket made of leather,it is quite strange ,especially in summer.How do you think so ?and do you have one ?why do you have a leather jacket?I may never buy that one and in no occasion i will use it.