Have you read the "His Dark Materials" series?

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April 29, 2007 10:59pm CST
The movie that's coming out has a pretty cool website, and I was wondering if people here liked the books (by Philip Pullman, right?). I usually like to read the book before I see the movie, and while I don't have a lot of free time, they look pretty light. Are they worth the time?
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30 Apr 07
I read them a couple of times and they're definitely not light. In fact, I wouldn't recommend them for anyone younger than early teens unless they're a good reader and intelligent enough to follow a complicated plot and ideas. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the movies. I'm afraid they will get dumbed down and that the big stars (Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman) will have their roles expanded so that they overshadow the main characters. But my fingers are crossed for the first movie. Maybe it will be excellent.
@Galena (9123)
30 Apr 07
I love those books so much. they really make me wish that we had Daemons in this world though. how wonderful would that be. I think mine would probably be a hare. my favourite of the trilogy is Northern Lights (the first one, that's the original name of it, as chosen by the author, and as first published. I can't see any good reason why it was changed to a name that has nothing to do with the story. it's like they just looked at the cover.)
@feliniti (875)
30 Apr 07
I have read the books, and although I did enjoy them while I was reading them, I was dissapointed with the ending. That was probably just me though! I am sure the film will probably be worth seeing. I would reccommend reading the books. I do think they are worth reading and quite enjoyable. Once you get started that is. If I remember correctly I put it down once or twice and couldn't get into it. Once I persevered and got past the first third of the book I really did enjoy them. It might have been some of the language (odd words) took some getting used to at first. I can't actually remember but I seem to think it was something like that. Hope you enjoy it. Kindest regards. :)
@duck2day (317)
1 Jun 07
I absolutely love these stories. They are just the sort of thing i love, fantasy worlds and mysterious creatures. They are slightly heavy going. I read them in mid high school and could hardly put them down. The stories are very unpredictable and very vividly written. I can't remember having trouble with the language, but they are quite long. I had to wait absolutely ages for the third book (about 2 years) so i was really looking forward to the third book and for the most part very very happy with it. The ending was very sad though. Anyway i always find seeing a film and then reading the book works better for me - films are very very rarely as good as books! Anyway if you like your lord of the rings and harry potter type books, i definetely recommend them - they are well worth reading!!
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1 May 07
I really loved these books. Some of the scenes were so vividly written that I can still picture them years after reading them. I do think the ending was a bit disappointing, but being disappointed with the last couple of chapters of a three book series meant a lot of hours of happy reading overall. I can't wait for the movies, but if you usually like to read a book before you see the movie, then I'd recommend you do that in this case. They're well worth it.
30 Apr 07
i read the first book but didn't like it (too many big words for me!