Do you ever wonder about family generations before you?

@cher913 (25891)
May 3, 2007 2:17pm CST
I was watching a Canadian history channel show last night called 'ancesters in the attic' which helps people locate history about their ancestors... i have often wondered about my grandfather, he was on a hospital ship during ww1 which was torpedoes by the Germans and i have tried to do research but to no avail (i would have to go to England but live in Canada) It would be interesting to find out what ship he was on... another ship he was on was on the Atlantic the night that the Titanic went down (there was over 100 ships out that night) and again, i have tried to do research and again, would have to travel to England to find out.... I am a self proclaimed history fanatic and would love to find out more about you?
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@irisheyes (4373)
• United States
3 May 07
I'd like to know more about my great grandfather. He came from Prussia. He deserted the Prussian Guard and came to American. We don't know how he got here but he definitely did not come legally through Ellis Island. Being in a Mercenary army probably taught him a loophole or two. He was quite a character. Whenever he needed money, he wrote back home and hinted that since he couldn't afford to do such and such, he thought maybe he would come home for a visit (Germany by then). The last thing on earth they wanted was the black sheep showing up so they sent him whatever money he needed to do his thing. My dad used to say that we were the only family in America that got money from the other side of the pond. My grandfather actually had contact with the family in Germany at one time but they would never talk about old August (my great grandfather) and I'd really like to know more about him.
@cher913 (25891)
• Canada
4 May 07
Thanks for your comment! Our heritage is usually very interesting and yours seems very much so :-)
@tala91285 (1080)
• Philippines
23 May 07
I had this project in one of my subjects in school. We had to trace our genealogy as far as we can. So we all went to the Mormon Church coz they have archives that date back to the Spanish era. I found out that my family from my father's side came all the way from Mexico in one of those galleon trades. My mother's side of the family on the other hand were rich landowners who had good connections with the Spanish government and friars in their province.
@funfreak2k2 (1740)
• India
3 May 07
Good work bro, i tried to research, but as many descendant spread over far off places, it will be tough for working. so i gave up. but when i meet any of them, i keep enquiring about my forefathers
• United States
3 May 07
Been there done that cher. I researched my entire family. I even wrote a book about it. It's so awesome. The history is fascinating. Good luck hunting things down.