I have a friend that continually borrows money, the amount that they owe is huge

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@Loverbear (4929)
May 6, 2007 2:33pm CST
I have a very close friend that continually borrows money for food. They live in a one bedroom apartment that has a rent that people would kill for. They get about $900 a month and after rent and utilities they have around 600 to pay for food and other stuff. They don't own a car so they don't have car expense and they don't have children. The do have a dog, which is treated like a child rather than a companion animal. Each month it has gotten to be a habit that she pays me part of what she has borrowed back and then ends up borrowing that much and considerably more. This past month it was $220 for food. I am on disability income and own a vehicle and my home and have considerably higher overhead than she does. I watch the money I spend as I HAVE to do home repairs that are for safety. I am very conserative on what food I buy and live mostly on poultry and vegetables. I don't mind loaning the money, but it would be nice to get it back without worring about her borrowing it again. I don't do my usual shopping anymore because of the fact that I know this friend will need to borrow money for food. The debt has hit close to two thousand dollars. I should add that the lady weighs in at 375 pounds and she and her husband drink sodas continually. I have seen the lady consume 2 hamburgers an extra large order of fries and several servings of soda. The first money I loaned them last month went for shrimp, special cut deli meat, sodas, cookies and chips. I went with her the second shopping trip and it was pretty much the same except for expensive microwave bacon, more special cut deli meats, prepackaged precooked specialized dinner meat that sells for $7 a package and even more cookies. The last trip I went with her and she was picking up special trimmed pork steaks at $6 while I got chops at $1.99 a pound. I tried to show her where the dollar would stretch and she wasn't interested. They only eat the "best", which is more expensive and is coming out of my pocket. Several years ago I loaned them the money to buy an inexpensive car, which broke down later. I tried to get them to at least sell the car so that there would be some money back...instead she DONATED the car to a charitable organization. I don't begrudge the donation, but in their financial position I would think they would opt for the money to help support themselves. She thinks of something she wants and there are LARGE hints dropped to me to see if I have the money to get her what she wants. One month it was to see if I had the money to loan her to join a weight loss clinic... For this last loan last month, I had to raid my savings jar and return items to the store that I had just bought them from. After I loaned them the money, my dryer quit and I had a blow out on the front tire of my car. I had to replace both tires because of it being a front wheel drive. To replace the tires I had to borrow the money from a friend. I paid the friend back immediately after I got my income. I don't mind loaning her money for food, if it is spent intelligently and if I do get paid back and don't have to worry about calls that they are hungry. I haven't had a month in the past 6 that there hasn't been the need to borrow. I feel that they really need to look at their spending habits and make adjustments. I am wondering if I am right in being upset and tired of being borrowed from. It cuts me short on my needs and with the number of miles I have to drive from my home to the nearest town (I live 40 miles out in the country, my home was inherited from my Mom) and then I also have to drive 500 extra miles a month to drive to a major hospital for medical treatment. Should I be as upset and sick over being used as a bank?