Burning candles, one scent or many...?

United States
May 13, 2007 11:53am CST
I have a lot of allergies, and even strong scents can irritate my nose. When I go into my mother-in-laws house, she always has candles burning. She lives with us, in her own little suite in the back of our house. So she has a separate bedroom and the rest is more one open space. She keeps one scented candle at her table and one on her end table. Usually the two scents don't mix, like sometimes she has a berry or melon scent and a vanilla one. The vanilla scent itself makes me sick, but paired with something else is awful. She often complains of headaches, I told her it's probably the different candle scents. She won't change her ways because she has heard that vanilla can get rid of some foods smells when cooking. It doesn't work, it just smells like the two candles and whatever she cooked. If I start to go in and the smell hits me in the face, I'll go in, tell her what I need to say and leave (I don't want a headache from it). When you're burning candles in your home, do you burn more than one scent at a time or just one scent?