It wasnt us this week!

United States
May 20, 2007 9:52pm CST
Yay. We go to church every sunday and we have young kids. With the exception of when they are a few weeks old, sick, or on vacation we go every week. They should be used to it by now but they never fail to surprise me. Today it wasnt us. My 2 year old like to run from our bench and head for the front of the chapel. Once she made it up on the stand and I had to chase her up there. Every one had young kids in our ward so they are all understanding but to me it is embarassing. This week it was another family with a child on the stage. I was very sympathetic, but relieved that it happes to all of us once in a while. They are good kids but when they make a break for it they are faster then we can react to. Im thankful for heavy doors!
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@patgalca (14649)
• Orangeville, Ontario
21 May 07
I understand where you are coming from. Occasionally I see a toddler run up to the altar at church. Surprisingly it doesn't happen very often. And I can't even recall it ever happening with my children. Hmmm... I wonder why that is. I know one of the reasons we go to the Saturday 5pm mass is because there aren't a whole lot of children and crying babies. If they are there they are usually sleeping, even the 4 and 5 year olds. I just don't remember my own kids every running away at church. My husband probably had the young one planted firmly on his knee. He did that until she was, like, nine. I kept telling them both she was too old to be sitting on her father's lap. Now she sits on the altar almost every weekend as an altar server. Well, she got there eventually. LOL! I developed fibromyalgia right after my youngest was born. I spent years fighting for disability. Unbeknownst to me, there were private detectives following me. The stated that I was well enough to run after my child. I saw the video (yeah, they video taped me - it really makes your stomach turn). I was putting my children into the car when my one year old started running towards the road. Pain or no pain any mother is going to run after a child doing that. However, three long strides could hardly be considered "running". Geez. Ah, the good old days when my kids were young. Enjoy chasing after them while they are still within reach because it won't be long before your chasing after them through the phone lines. LOL!
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• United States
22 May 07
We have a set church time we got to and it is 1:00 pm on sunday after noon. Right when they are getting the restless energy from missing a nap. We figure we would rather have them running around once in a while then to grow up not knowing the peace of a relation ship with Jesus. It is a struggle sometimes but always worth it in the end. There isnt a mother in the world that would be stopped by any ammount of pain to save her childs life. I really appreciate every second with my kids and would never want that cut short by something with in my control. Thanks for being understanding.
• Canada
21 May 07
LOL Those heavy doors were probably designed by a parent with young children. LOL The other day I was sitting in a local cafe, and a child got away from his mother, and ran out the front door. She was at the counter paying for her coffee, and I told her her kid had escaped, so she went after him. Good thing I was watching.
• United States
21 May 07
I always appreciate help like that. My kids dont often run off like that but asking them to sit for an hour and fiften minutes is hard to do. I cant carry enough quiet activities to keep them enterained that long. Every day gets a bit better. One more down!