Spiritual Way of Life.

May 23, 2007 10:06am CST
I think, to care for the spirieual way of life is the best form of leading a peaceful and happy life for people of all countries and all age group in this world. Please comment on my thought.
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• Kottayam, India
23 May 07
How are you ! Being spiritual you will love your counterparts, there will be peace every where.Nonspiritual people will do killing,hating,lying etc.,etc.
@Mitraa (3188)
• India
23 May 07
You are absolutely right. Peace is the other form of spiritual belief. No violence, no debating among religions, no exploitation... But our world now wants real kindness, selfless service, unconditional faith and great sacrifice from all the dwellers on its surface in this century of IT revolution and progress. Thus, ultimate happy life is not very far on working the thought accordingly. Thanks.
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
23 May 07
I fully agree with you but that is not simply possible as there is no common way in which people agree to , everyone wants to live in their own way and in this material world it is the money which guides the activity of people, so the only thing we can do is to make ourselves spiritual and develop a peaceful environment around us.Those who will like it will follow and that way we can have more like us in the world.