My 5 year old cries about everything.

United States
May 28, 2007 7:24pm CST
My 5 year old Synthia Michelle. The one who cries  - My 5 year old Synthia Michelle. The one who creis alot.
My little girl Synthia cries about everything. And I do mean mostly everything. I had her teacher call me in to the school one day. And naturally as mother I rushed to the school. Only to find out the her teacher wanted to talk to me about her crying. The teacher told me that she had been crying over almost nothing lately. For example she had dropped a marker on the floor and started crying. Instead of picking it up she just sat there and cried. She does this a t home also instead of just telling me what is wrong she will cry until I ask her what the problem is. I just dont understand why she does this. I need any kind of advice I can get right now. please help!