Are you a Shopaholic?

@dianagnes (1088)
July 12, 2007 12:57pm CST
Psychologists define excessive shopping as an illness called oniomania.This diseases attacks adults and teenagers.Im not a shopaholic.I still can control myself from becoming addicted to shopping.What you usually shops for?
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@patgalca (14480)
• Orangeville, Ontario
12 Jul 07
I think my mother turned me against shopping as she dragged me around with her as a little girl. Plus, after having mono as a teenager, I could never walk around for too long after that. My legs have been my worst nightmare, and now with fibromyalgia I tire even quicker. I don't like spending money. I will treat myself to something once in awhile but I certainly am not a shopaholic. Perhaps a myLotaholic. LOL!
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
12 Jul 07
warkhahaha..mylotaholic is a new word!*Cool*
• Hong Kong
14 Jul 07
I think I used to be a shopaholic but not really some major ones. I just enjoyed shopping and always wanted something. I went to shop when I was happy or sad and I usually ended up with a bunch of things which I might not need (purely because I wanted them). Now I control myself a lot better and I am really proud of myself. I start thinking about if I really need the items days before making the purchase and I wouldn't let my buying impulse got me. When I see something I want, I would go home and think about if I really need that, if I still miss it for days, then I will go back and make the purchase.
@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
13 Jul 07
Really? It is defined as a illness? I thought people usually call it retail therapy. As long as you can afford it, it is retail therapy. Otherwise, I would term it as retail nightmare... cos at the end of the trip, we would be busy trying to balance our cheque books after the so called retail therapy session. ;p
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
12 Jul 07
well i have heard of people out there suffering from that, and i suppose i used to be like that (to a certain extent) but as i have gotten older, i have found that i dont need that much stuff anymore.