What is your worst attribute? Or do you have many?

United States
July 16, 2007 2:08pm CST
This could be interesting. Most people don't want to come to terms with there worst attributes. I will name mine: 1) my anger, I lose control many times over menial things. 2) my drinking (alcohol), although I enjoy this hobby of mine very much, I will admit, it isn't a good attribute. 3) I take things too personal 4) I cuss alot! 5) I smoke cigarettes, very unhealthy for me. Okay, now it is your turn. What are your worst attributes, or are you PERFECT:D
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@Ken_Smith (240)
16 Jul 07
i have bad anger issue that dr say use mylot to cure. i feel great with so many beautiful friends when i have none where i live. i snap people when i drink. i drink tonight but no able to snap mylot friends as they no upset me.
@xParanoiax (6999)
• United States
26 Jun 08
(1. I'm often TOO selfless to the point it's self destructive. Many tears of people who care have been shed because of this, so I'm trying to fix this. (2. I'm a little crazy, and only some days do I think this is a bad thing...but I'm referring to the really bad craziness which pops up from time to time which fuels my self-destructiveness -- it's clinically called depression. (3. I'm not very forgiving. (4. Although not a violent person, I love violence...I enjoy taking part in it. This is probably a bad sign, but I don't really care to rectify it or think it should be changed since no harm has come of it yet. (5. I lie. No longer alot, but I still do occasionally...and I don't say this with any pride, but I do it well. I also don't care to fix this, since I'm already very honest in the dealings that matter and my deceptions have never harmed anyone, only helped. (6. I won't believe that my worst sides need removing, in fact a part of me encourages them. This, to many people, makes me a horrible person. But I don't care. lol.
@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
25 Jun 08
My worst attribute is being critical. I'm trying really hard these days to be more tolerant of people, and I think I'm doing a lot better. My children would probably say my worst attribute is repeating everything a million times and not remembering things they've told me ... but I think that's probably old age!
@kittenmc (465)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I would have to say mine is smoking, over eating ( well a nervous snaker) and and too soft hearted. I let others run over me. I really need to change that one! Well, all of them. Me perfect? Not hardly!
• United States
23 Jun 08
I too have a very short fuse. I am easily angered but since I've become a mother I've lightened up a lot. I still get upset in traffic but who doesn't? lol I do have an addiction to coffee and caffeine which probably isn't a good thing either. I also have a potty mouth. I have been working very hard to curb my naughty language but its almost as hard as the coffee lol
@urbangirl (1461)
• Australia
22 Jul 07
I think my worst attribute is when I take too much on and stress myself out. The worst part is that I have a calm exterior so no-one could be the wiser, except I start looking terrible physically and it takes a toll on my health too. Another bad attribute, when I get excited about something I raise my voice which makes poeple think I am angry, even though I am not. I also have a good "poker" face, so I can be joking about something and someone who does not know me well may think I am being serious.
@balasri (26553)
• India
17 Jul 07
I am very impulsive whether in saying my opinion or buying a thing.I got this habit of not beating around the bush and being very curt.People may think that I am a bit arrogant.I don't care.I know it saves a lot of trouble.