Do you trust your Family Members?

United States
@marciascott (25565)
August 6, 2007 11:38pm CST
I would like to trust all of my family, But We had Money missing today. My husband thinks my Grandson took, it, I don't want to believe it. he is 16 1/2 , but what I can't understand is why would someone just take some of the Money? a thief would take the whole thing. My jusband jid the rent money under the Bed. and when he came home he was raising hell about it sayin someone to 3 100 dollar bills, I just son't want to belive he did it. It was part Our rent Money. I notice someone had climbed through my bedroom window, and the window was not lock. someone took a can to stand on to get in window. they put the double lock on the back door, which we never do. We made a Police report. I will be so hurt if I find our that it was him. I mean really hurt, I love My Grandson and would anything for him. How can I find out if he really did it? It xould of been someone else too? I don't know? There were guys workinf next door in thus empty house too, then this other guy who works wirh My husband? he didn't work with him today, His Mother lives mext door to me and I heard he had been over there in her back yard a few times un the Garage, so I don't know I really don't trust him. What do you think about this situation?