Typhoon is Hitting on Us - Hohoho!

Hong Kong
August 10, 2007 6:16am CST
Oh my gosh! What a day! First the typhoon went away on Wednesday and it just came back (yes the same one), it made a 90 degree turn and hit us. All the employees got half day off in the afternoon. But the worse thing was when I was on my way home, I felt like we were running for disasters! I was squeezed in the subway station and then inside the subway and I saw in the news that some people even waited for an hour inside the subway station (wanting to faint!) because there were too many people rushing home! Have you experienced something like that? Running home from natural disaster all together with your fellow countrymen?
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
10 Aug 07
Oh my goodness, that would have been so scarey...I would have been so scared and frightened..Luckily I have not been through that..We had really bad rain and flooding, but lucikly I was at home..
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@writersedge (22579)
• United States
10 Sep 07
I saw this before and I didn't know what to respond. We had a natural disaster, but we were trapped in. We had an ice storm. Sleet falls from the sky (little drops of frozen raindrops) until everything was covered. Back in 1998, when it happened, I couldn't get the doors of my trailer open. The phone lines were all down. So running together from natural disaster must be quite different. Scary, but with people instead of feeling trapped and alone. Trapped and with lots of people! How are things now there? Did most people end up alright? Waitinf or an hour inside the subway station must have been extremely hard. I think I'd rather be trapped in my trailer!
• Hong Kong
11 Sep 07
Not that bad! We are perfectly fine now. The typhoon wasn't hitting us directly, so it was alright! That would cause casusalties if it were hitting us direct though.