Do you rinse off after taking a bath?

United States
August 22, 2007 2:43pm CST
Have you ever noticed how when you take a bath (not just a shower) the soap disperses into the water, so you end up with a big sudsy mess that never really gets cleaned off. Sometimes after taking a bath, I feel like all that soap from the water is clinging to my skin. And, it makes my skin feel very itchy! So, sometimes I follow up a tub bath with a shower. I'm not sure if everyone does this after a bath, but it works for me. I guess it's better than the alternative where you go around with soap curd on your skin all day, feeling uncomfortable. I've never understood how people could do that. It would drive me nuts! So, do you take a shower or rinse off after taking a tub bath? Do you find that the soap from the bath water sticks to your skin making you feel uncomfortable?