does novels written based on bibilical principle influence faith?

@fredgame (1261)
September 6, 2007 2:59am CST
I've read this novel, THE BRONZE BOW, it talks about the time of Jesus, how the Jews were under the Romans control and some young people camped in a cave, planning how to go to war with the Romans to remove them from the Jewish land. The appearance of Jesus gave them hope, those who thought him as a zealot. someone they hope has come to be their king to fight the Romans. In summary, the book is a picture of the spiritual vs. the material, vengeance vs. love." The scene is Jeruselem at the time of Christ. i'm still reading it, it has really brought to memory the books of the Bible i read and made me see Jesus in my mind's eye. what influence does reading give you? share your experience.
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@caver1 (1765)
• United States
6 Sep 07
Who is the author? It sounds like something I would like to read. About imfluence. A book like this will not change my beliefs about God, but it may make me look at biblical stories in a different light. Maybe just consider that it may have happened this way or that way. But it will not influence me enough to change my beliefs.
• India
6 Sep 07
I have not read the book yet. But I think the book will be very interesting specially with the kind of background the book introduced the reader to. I think books definitely influence readers. Some books may influence readers at one reading, some takes longer time. I think when the writer has vision of influencing the readers he or she might be successful to a great extent. But if the book is written primarily for entertainment then the lasting influence may be less.
• Canada
6 Sep 07
In my opinion, from what you have described. it seems as though the old saying is true....that history does repeat itself, and that we are doomed to repeat history's mistakes over and over again. Think about it world war 2 German occupied France, a small band of french people go underground to sabotage the germans and help to run them out of their lands, before that the scots fought long and hard to remove the english. all sides though god was on their side...the crusades is a good example. If the book brings out positive feelings for you then i say go with it, and take what you can from it. but don't make it out to be more tha it is. simply put, it is the little guy finally deciding to take on the big guy and get back what's theirs. a david and goliath story if you will.