Will Frozen Food that Tastes Like Freezer Hurt You?

United States
@Pigglies (9346)
September 28, 2007 11:55pm CST
Tonight I was scavenging for food deep in the recesses of the freezer. I finally found something, a half bag of tater tots. They had expired a year ago, but I figured anything frozen is okay. I cooked them an extra 5 minutes just to be safe. Then I started eating them. I ate 1... tasted ok. Had another, thought it had a taste to it like something else familiar. After 10 of them, I realized they tasted exactly like our freezer smells. So I ask around to find out how old these things really are. I know I didn't buy them. My dad figured they had been in our freezer for at least 3 years based on when we last had tater tots. Are these things harmful? They sure left a nasty aftertaste.