Did you know of someone who went for surgery and something went wrong.???

@peanutjar (5211)
October 8, 2007 9:00am CST
Was it a big surgery or small.What did they originally go for?My uncle went for surgery this year to fix a hernia.He was big like a ballon.He started to have internal bleeding and they couldnt stop it and he passed away.He went to the hospital at 10:00am,had the surgery at 6:00 pm and passed away at 9:00pm.Thew whole family was in shock because before he went he was his old self,laughing and flying around the house and then,gone.He was better off not getting this surgery done.We still dont know the whole story,some workers like to keep quiet we think.He was 51 years old.And we never really researched the incident because we dont want to know the truth because the pain is still fresh.
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@violeta_va (4834)
• Australia
8 Oct 07
i had 2 incidents on my self. One was when I gave birth to my son I had stitches and they left gauze inside the birth canal (or v......) and after 3 days Iwent in labour again (well not so much as full on but I was having pain and contractions after which the gauze fell out and I was so infected they had to clean me 2 times. the second was last year when I had my gall blader removed they were changing the dressing and the stitches came off she puled them with the dressing (from the big hole on my belly button) and they had to re-stitch them while I was awake so for 20 min I had a huge hole there.
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
8 Oct 07
I when I had my gall bladder removed 7 1/2 years ago there was a mistake of sorts. Apparently my gall bladder and liver were fused together and they did not see it on the ultrasound. Because of this my gall bladder was ripped while they were trying to remove it. The contents(bile and stones) were spilled while still inside my body. They spent and extra 45 minutes cleaning up the mess they had made. I was under longer than they expected me to be and my throat was raw. The bile that spilled irritated my insides and caused me a great deal of pain. It hurt just to breathe. I ended up getting pnemonia from the anastesia, and I was in severe pain for about 1 1/2 weeks.
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
I don't really know one persoanlly who've gone into surgery then failed, but I heard some on the news. It's really nasty, shocking and really inexcusable. I can't understand this happens, since they (medical specialist) should be more aware of these types of conditions. I have a father who have gone into surgery, because his nape (belly-button) was not that well-fixed when he was a child and so it slowly burst out. They have to surgically reconstruct it, to return to it's natural appearance. I'm really happy that the operation turned out good, he has returned to work after a short period of rest and recuperation!;)