six months v/s 9 years

October 15, 2007 7:14pm CST
I have two boys and the gap between them is 9 years. at first I thought the 9 year old fascination with his brother will fade away after afew weeks of him being at home? to everyone's surprise they are inseperable! they click like a jigsaw puzzle! its amazing! does this continue or how long before the sibling rivaly starts?
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@SViswan (12071)
• India
6 Nov 07
I have 2 sons 6 years apart and I thought the same as you. But they enjoy each other's company and I have a gut feeling that the younger one might bully the older one as he grows! You should see both their faces light up the moment the older one gets back from school! I guess we are lucky..not all siblings are this nice:) My sister and I are 7 years apart and we were quite good when we were younger. We fought a lot though when she was in her teens (and I was just out of it). I think it differs from child to child and you can't really say how it's going to turn out. Now, my sister and I get on very well. So, we had our phases, got over it and now we are both adults who enjoy each other:)
@madcrowd (79)
• China
16 Oct 07
The gap between my brother and me is also 9 nine years.When i was a small boy,he had already been a high school student in another town and when i was a primary student,he got his first job.We don't play together much and in fact there is few things we are both interested,but the relationship betweeen is still very firm.We were born brother and he is only people who is my brother in the world.The bond of blood can't be destroied forever.
• United States
16 Oct 07
I only have one son so I'm not real sure. But my brother and I are six years apart and when we were kids we were the same way. I helped my mom do all kinds of stuff for him. I was like his little second mommy lol and I didn't want anybody else doing anything for him. I don't see my brother as much now since we both are grown up but we are still pretty close. If someone says something about him or tries to hurt him I will beat their butt. Nobody messes with my brother unless they go through me. lol And I'm the only one that is supposed to get mad at him. lol My mom used to laugh at me cause I would get so mad at her when she got mad at my brother. So maybe it will just be that they will always be very close.