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November 5, 2007 9:16am CST
Has anyone heard of Triond? It's a site that allows people who enjoy writing to share their work and get paid for it. I just joined and am wondering what other people's experience is with this site. Thanks :)
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6 Nov 07
I was a member for several months and quit it recently. If you just want the writing practice, there's nothing wrong with it, but you won't make any money unless you write a lot, and you get a lot of reads. Out of curiosity I checked their page rank and it was lower than a lot of other writing sites, down around a three. If you want to promote your writing you will have to do it for each piece or for each site that Triond places your writing on. You can't link to Triond as the place for people to look for you, because it's just the distribution site, not a publication site.
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30 Nov 07
Well I have to disagree. I think people can actually make good money with it. I started 2 months ago and my payments are increasing every day. I have started a blog in which I describe my findings on how to become successfull. the url is have a look
@patgalca (14186)
• Orangeville, Ontario
5 Nov 07
I joined just last month. My first payment was .91c. It really doesn't pay much. You do have to participate A LOT if you want to make any kind of money, and it also depends on WHAT you contribute. It seems that family type articles, and the "top 10 reasons" (or whatever) seem to be more popular. I am surprised which articles are making the most money even though they are getting the same viewership as other items like poems. I am a little disappointed with this site but am hopeful the exposure will help me with my future endeavours.
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5 Nov 07
I guess we really are "struggling" writers :) Anyway, I suppose the practice and exposure won't hurt. I'd love if this paid well, I really enjoy writing and thought perhaps I'd finally found something worthwhile. Thank you all for commenting.
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