mylot is so slow in these days true?

November 6, 2007 4:20pm CST
in this period i noticed that mylot is very slow as site speed fact,become difficult sometimes also to a open a simple discussion or just to post a response too!!!so it happen to you too?or just a few people here?
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@Lifeless (2638)
• India
7 Nov 07
Hi friend.. Mylot is surely very slow.. And its not just of late, I have been experiencing this for the past 3-4 mnths.. Dn't know why its happening.. Inspite of a superfast broadband connection at my home, it still takes a lot of time to open.. Maybe the load is getting bigger on the mylot server.. I wonder it might not get crashed...
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
7 Nov 07
I also experience this slow site speed from time to time... maybe the reason behind this is the growing number of people using mylot... it was not like this before... i guess the best solution is for mylot to upgrade their system very soon in order to cope up with this growing population...
@rookiekan (883)
• China
7 Nov 07
ya,,i have same sense with u but i think it's up to your computer and the internet speed there u log the mylot in the busy time so it's will slow~~
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
6 Nov 07
I haven't had any problems. It seems to be working fine for me. Have you tried shutting down your computer and rebooting?
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
6 Nov 07
Yep, I have had issues today so maybe it's their server. Could be too many discussions and too many people at once? Just a guess. Maybe myLot is making changes on the site which sometimes slows operations down to a snail's pace.