Do you eat lamb or sheep meat?

November 6, 2007 11:43pm CST
lamb - my nephew with some lamb and sheep
When I was young I didnt care what meat I ate as long as it tasty. My grandfather lived in a vilage and had animals and every year for easter he would give us a lamb normaly they would kill the animal there and I would be off somewhere runing and chasing animals so I never saw what went on. Than one year my father decided to go visit my grandparents earlier and get the lamb and keep it for few weeks. So I played with the poor thing I took it for a walk (yes in the suberb). And then they killed it I felt like I lost a friend I did not eat lamb for a long time (I am sure that my mother tricked me into eating some but cant proove) than when I was about 11-12 my mother explained why we eat lamb for easter and why we eat animals so I decided to start eating lamb again. But I could not eat it smells to me to a point that I have to throw up. I have tried lots of times with all sorts of spices and herb and I can still smell it. Dou you eat lamb?