Any Words Of Wisdom To Share With Us All????

October 28, 2006 3:28pm CST
Lets make a little sense
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@Miranda (728)
• South Africa
4 Nov 06
Since I have heard this quote.... it made sense to me You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up - The Matrix. Maybe sometimes I expect to wake up to!
• India
5 Nov 06
Siriously sometimes it seems like we are a part of it
@yadsan (199)
• India
29 Oct 06 making a little sense is not enough, making a greater sense in your life sure does make some sense ?
• India
29 Oct 06
Nice one thanks for the response
@meme0907 (3481)
• United States
2 Jan 07
"don't let your di*k run your life" quoted from the movie johhny dangerously w/ micheal keaton
• United States
31 Dec 06
Imagination was given to man to comppensate him for what he isn't; and a sense of humor to console him for what he is. -Horace Walpole
@patgalca (14557)
• Orangeville, Ontario
10 Dec 06
I don't know if this makes any sense or are words of wisdom, but is something weird going on with the site right now? This post was started one month ago and I found it at recent discussions, but I see no responses. Huh? And my number of posts has only changed by one tonight and I know I've posted more than one. What is going on?
@sutan74 (1113)
• Philippines
9 Nov 06
Sweet moments together! - Husband and wife enjoyin the serenity of their home
Communication is one of the most powerful tools of romance. Communicating openly and honestly develops intimacy. It creates a special bond, for you both share your innermost secrets. Moreover, misunderstandings are cleared up and problems worked out by talking about them. But not all communication is verbal. In fact, when it comes to expressing love, words are cheap. Anyone can say, "I love you." One expresses love by action such as warm caresses, hugs, and kisses, cheerfully performing one's chores and responsibilities, and offering complete emotional support.
@missybal (4492)
• United States
29 Oct 06
Live each day without regret because today's mistakes may be tomorrows good fortune.