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sky in the morning - sky in at dawn break
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November 20, 2007 7:55am CST
It's a cool morning here in Colorado but the pollution makes the sky looks so pretty. It is hard to appreciate the scenery when you know what causes it. Do you still find beauty in the ugly things that nature causes?
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21 Nov 07
I once had a dream about that. It's kind of a long dream so I don't know if you'll stick around for it but here it is anyway: There was a giant spiral on the floor which my son had damaged. I was trying to patch up the damage while explaining to him that what he had done could cause a body to be born deformed. I finished hurriedly and grabbed his hand to get the hell out of there, when a bolt of lightening shot through a little window and brought the spiral to life. I was terrified and started to run, but something compelled me to take a second look, and as I did words were being typed overhead that read "But I had seen the light, and the bull looked calm, almost placid", and I knew I had written those words myself sometime in my future. So my terror dissipated, and as I stood there without fear, out stepped a man from behind the bull. It sounds so cliche, but he had a white beard, white hair, white robes, and white light glowed from him. He created a living picture with his mind which he placed in the one o'clock position of a circle. I was so inspired by its beauty that I created one myself... in the two o'clock position of the circle. We traded off like that till we got to the 7 o'clock position. In that position this being created a three-tiered pedestal and on each of the tiers sat an armless child, the 3 of them juggling a huge eyeball. It was so beautiful it took my breath away and caused me to wake. As I lay there, reliving the feeling, I suddenly realized the details of what had inspired it... 3 armless children juggling an eyeball? It was then that I realized that 'Gods' perception of beauty goes way beyond our often limited human perspective. Good photo. Did you take it?
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20 Nov 07
Nice photo. Reminds meof the skys in The Midwest during the wildfires in Yellowstone NP several years ago. Nature can makebeauty out of anything.