We heading for a virtual life.

@dbhattji (2507)
November 22, 2007 4:30am CST
With e-mail, e-books, e-currency, virtual holidays, virtual cards and flowers are we heading for a virtual life with virtual friendship and love - where will all this end?
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• Hong Kong
22 Nov 07
I think I can imagine a life where every action we take involves some form of technology.
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@CarlHalling (3629)
• United Kingdom
25 Nov 07
I Love the e-life! I cannot imagine life without it. But I can't see the virtual life taking over real life. E-friendships are wonderful; I am all in favour...but we still need physical relationships, and in my opinion always will.
@gwendovere (1283)
• United States
22 Nov 07
Being a bit of a nerd, myself, I'm kind of relieved to have friends online & myLot & all that.
@Lightlord (379)
• Greece
22 Nov 07
I don't think it will end. Computers are more and more important in our lives. The new generations will propably more and more use computers to do stuff we did in real life. In the future, the only people who will go to work might be engineers, postmans and workers. We will do almost everything from home. At least that is what I think.