Are All myLotters Human?

United States
December 30, 2007 10:25am CST
I think the answer must be yes. Although only a little over 1600 myLotters belong to the "human" interest. I found it very interesting that there aren't many posts made in the human category and additionally there aren't very many responders in this category. Rather then having a top ten at the bottom, they have a top three and all of them are "level one". Does this mean we ignore this category? Or does everyone just participate under the people section? Should we be working to build up this section? Can anyone come up with any good "human" discussions?
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@carolbee (16241)
• United States
30 Dec 07
To be honest, I never noticed the human discussion section. Lately I've been posting under the Question and Answer section since I seem to get more responses with good answers. You have a point here and I'll try to post something under this category at a later time.
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30 Dec 07
I think there are alot of good interests that people dont belong to or very rarely post to. I think generally they pick the ones that will get the most posts and there by make the better money. Hmm good human discussions, how about ones about human kidness, compassion, intelligance, human behavior stuff like that.
@kdhartford (1152)
• United States
31 Dec 07
It is an interesting phenomenon. Perhaps they feel that they have nothing to contribute as humans or perhaps umans is too broad a category for them to grasp. As for me, I'm firmly entrenched in my human being-ness.
@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
21 Jan 08
I think that there are so many different interest that it gets overwhelming. I tend to put things in Life section because I am living my life. But yeah I guess it would be a human life LOL. I never really thought about it. HEHE
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
6 Jan 08
When talking about me, I leave that question to imagination. There are plenty of times I am "human" and try to remind others they are too. However I've gone under other "races" before, for some humor and to keep a few people guessing. A couple of members think I might be a machine. Who knows? :) As for the category, I think much more members are under "people".
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
6 Jan 08
To tell the truth I didn't know there was a "human" interest until this very moment! I guess I'd better join the human race, hadn't I? Annie