nocturnal creatures

February 4, 2008 9:01am CST
I'm not really a morning person... When I was younger, my dad was so worried because I always sleep late or I seem to have difficulty sleeping that he even had me checked up by a neurologist. Unfortunately the sleeping pills he prescribed only made me dizzy but I still wasnt sleeping early. It was only when I got older that I have finally concluded that it's not really insomnia. Instead,I simply am more creative (and restless) at night. In fact, I prefer playing badminton after office, staying up or out with friends until dawn, etc. etc. I'm really not bothered that I am like this... Trouble is I think my boss is coz I'm always late! lol :P
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@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
5 Feb 08
hello rychelle314!We're opposites!I was never nocturnal.I'm always a morning person.I go for jogs in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon too.I'm always energetic in the morning but when it comes to evening,I don't feel like doing anything.I get very tired at night and I'm always up by dawn!
5 Feb 08
there are times when i wish i could be as "hyper" in the morning, esp. when i think about the things i usually miss, i.e. sunrise etc... don't really know if this is just an acquired habit or genetically predisposed.. my dad never sleeps! (well, almost! lol)
• United States
4 Feb 08
it's true - some people just aren't morning people. in fact i've heard studies where people have just been labeled 2 am to 10 am sleepers. like they're just far more well rested that way as opposed to sleeping 10 pm to 6 am - despite them both being 8 hours of sleep. i guess our bodies just all have their own natural circadian rhythms.
5 Feb 08
yep! thank God for graveyard shifts then... hmmm..maybe i ought to change jobs as well! lol
• India
24 May 08
I find there is nothing wrong in you. Many people have such habbit. I would say its just your habbit of sleeping late and thinking at night coz of its calmness. Just try to change your habbit. Wake up early one day and enjoy the early morning hours. You will be rally thrilled to see how good is the morning. You will automatically try to get up early in the morning and you shall be not late to the office. Your Boss might get impressed and who know whats installed for you from the Boss - may be a salary hike.
@cripfemme (7718)
• United States
23 Mar 08
I'm pretty nocturnal, too. I feel the muse visits me my regularly at night, even if society thinks I should be asleep. I've tried to move my "muse visits" to a better hour for both myself and my workers, but it's a no go. I think some people are just designed to be that.
• Philippines
9 Feb 08
Hey! I'm also a nocturnal person. I love to stay all night if possible. I realized this when I was in high school. Like you, I am more creative when it's already late. I did almost my poems at night. Around 12am to 3am. I also wrote songs. I love it when there's no one around. I feel like I'm the only one living in the world. I go outside our house just to stare at the sky. Oh I love it when there were so many stars. Under them I wrote most of my poems. I'm glad that I've met a nocturnal person like me. I can't explain to someone who don't know the world when it's already late at night and everybody is at sleep. They will think I'm crazy or something... But for me, I can express my true self, show my talent and more creative when it is already late in the evening.
• United States
4 Feb 08
I'm not a morning Person either and never have been.When I was in my teens I went into food service because of the hours and later bartending.Now I own my own business and do not start seeing clients til noon and work into the night, then I never have to set that nasty alarm I do take a homeopathic for insomnia that "Quiets my Mind" and a few Benadryl to get me drowsy so I can sleep by 3am. Looking at a computer screen is not the best thing to do right before bed due to its brightness...