swopped at birth

February 15, 2008 3:02pm CST
If you found out you had been swopped by accident at birth would you pull out all the stops to find your real parents, or would you accept the surrogate parents as you own ?
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5 Sep 08
I think it depends on when you found out you were swapped at birth. If it was when I was young, I probably wouldnt think about it but then maybe in my 20's I would think about finding them and planning to meet them. I would make sure that my surrogate parents knew all about how I was feeling and I would listen to how they felt about the situation. You really cant say what or how you would react until it actually happens!!
@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
28 Aug 08
i would find my real parents but still remain with the current one...they will always be my family...i would just like to know where i came from.
@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
29 Feb 08
This reminds me so much of the Coronation Street Story with Alex and Ryan! Although it's been going on too long, sorry I digress. I think it would depend on the relationship I had with my surrogate parents, if it was a strong close one then to be honest I wouldn't rock the boat, because it would only cause a lot of heartache, for everyone concerned. But I'm not sure how much curiousity would set in, it's a difficult one and a great discussion, hmmmm I think after watching Coronation Street episodes unfold I think I would rather stay with my surrogate parents you don't know what you are unearthing or going to discover if you seek out your real parents, what if they are undesirable or in prison or worst? Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
• United States
19 Feb 08
I would definitely seek out my natural parents. Mainly, for the medical information that could be critical to my own natural children's health. It shouldn't in any way effect the relationship that you have with your surrogate parents, they are your parents. It appears to me that if you have any questions about having surrogate parents then there maybe more to what's going on; which, needs to be resolved first... Also remember finding your natural parents will present more questions and the lives of possibly new siblings, family members, your surrogate parents and your immmediate family. Like I said, and this is just my opinion, I would seek out my natural parents solely for medical purposes and if you do decide to do so, consult with a professional, a minister, and you surrogate parents. That is what I would do..once again..just my opinion.
• United States
15 Feb 08
I would want to find my real parents. Especially if while growing up I felt disconnected to the people who were raising me in some way. I would still love the people who raised me but I would want to know those who created me.
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
15 Feb 08
Oh my, what an interesting discussion you have started here. I think I would need to know my parents that gave me my true blood. But I don't think I would make any changes to my family that I am already adapted to.