Should I sell Silpada jewelry on ebay? Have you ever heard of it?

United States
February 19, 2008 9:40am CST
Good stuff or junk? - silpada jewelry
I'm a Trading Assistant on ebay and sell things for other people for a percentage of the selling price. I do all the work and they get the This morning I got an email from a woman saying she is a Silpada Jewelry rep. and gets a lot of their jewelry free but would rather have the money and wants me to sell it on ebay for her. I did some research on it and noticed that some items sell really well while others don't. I also found some conflicting reviews when I googled Silpada. Some were really good and others called it gaudy and junk jewelry. Have you heard of Silpada? Do you have any experience with it or know anyone who has? I have a good reputation on ebay and don't want to ruin it after all these years!