Iced tead - good, bad or indifferent for daily water intake?

United States
@coffeebreak (17829)
March 1, 2008 9:02pm CST
Here's something I have been trying to decide (for myself anyway) I've heard for years about drinking enough water daily. 8 glasses a day etc. Well, does ice tea count as water for those 8 glasses? I have heard the yes's and the no's. But the fact remains that it is all water with some tea leaf flavorings, so how can it be anything but water for daily use? I hear about green tea and have compared Lipton green tea with their regular and the green has only slightly more antioxidents that the regular and it is twice the cost. I know Lipton is not gospel on the situation, just what I have looked at. online research, just says so but not the whys. I went to my doctor about a weight issue, and asked him and he said no problem drinking iced tea - it is good water source. I have been drinking tea about a gallon a day 365 days a year (no coffee) and my blood work came back perfect, cholorestorl is 158 and he said I was in very good shape. i am never sick with usual things, havne't had a cold or the flu in literally years. yes, I know I am just one person and all, but what are your knowledgable thoughts, opinions and hopefully facts as to what you ice tea a good water source for daily water intake?