Still Stressed, now I know I'm alone

@missbdoll (1168)
March 1, 2008 10:28pm CST
Some of you probably know of my problems over the last few days, with the storm and my power and freinds just ignoring me.I want to thank all my MyLot freinds for there support. I finaly got my lights back on friady afternoon.Costing hundreds of dollars from the electricinas.They still want to do more work, but wonn"t until I can get a roofer to fix my leaking front vendah, that's fine but surely everone in Sydney (possible all of Australia) knows all the the roofers are out in the western subburds making a fortune since all the hail damage to most of the houses out there.Then I'm supposed to get a builder, non can get what they have no money to pay for. My only income is from selling everyhting that came from the stuff my partner and I had in an antique buisness we had before died in September, and the only way I can do that too eenough for it is to listed hundreds and hundreds of items on internet auction sites.WEll you need electricy for that.My days are spend on the computer selling, answering questions, packing and getting things to the post office, beraing in mind I donn't drive so everyhing has to be carried Why is it that some tradesmen just think any woman alone must have a never ending supply of money ? And the scariest thing now is knowing the way my freinds have behaved there is no one to reaach out to.
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@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
2 Mar 08
perhaps you do not see your self as a self reliant person, you need to be. It sounds as if you are very unhappy with your friends for not being there for you, I am an adult and have been on my own for a very long time and getting adjusted to it was difficult but no where near impossible. I never even consider calling on friends to rescue me I do it for myself, If you expect others to do the work for you, you never learn to stand on your own two capable feet, and look you did manage to do it, so perhaps you should pat your self on the back instead of thinking how your friends let you down, they did you a favor and you just don't get it.
@musicman6 (2377)
• United States
2 Mar 08
Well at least you have us here on myLot to vent your feelings to , that's the least that we can do for you! Just keep us informed on how everything goes, even if it's bad news, at least we'll rejoice when it is good news!