How to cope with pimples?

@adacoco (331)
March 15, 2008 6:53am CST
Why?I don't get it,I have broken out again!Look at me,I just woke up and these damned zits are on my face! Just tell me how to get rid of those annoying pimples!My mother tell me to keep my hands off my face.How to cope with pimples?Can you tell me?Thanks!
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• India
17 Apr 08
hi 1.wash your face atleast 4 times daily. 2. avoid soaps. 3.instead of soap use sopa free face wash. 4. apply milk with turmeric regularly as a face mask
@khurrum (12)
• United Arab Emirates
17 Apr 08
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@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
16 Mar 08
You may need to switch soap. You should try one for sensitive skin. Also, clean your face properly was twice a day with warm water, use astringent (that isn't drying) and a non-oil based lotion. Don't sleep in your make up. If you have black heads use a scrub - St Ives apricot scrub is awesome. Try facial masks as well. You should also try to keep your hair off of your face. I know that causes my husband to break out. If you have acne really bad, you should ask your mom to take you to a dermatologist to get it properly treated.
@peavey (16856)
• United States
16 Mar 08
It does matter what you eat, but you may have to experiment to see what's causing it. Soft drinks and junk food are the immediate suspects, but some people have skin problems because of other foods. The chances are that it's a food causing it. It could be due to bacterial infection in which case you'll need to see a doctor. But try adjusting your diet first. Switch to organic products as much as possible and you could very well see a change.
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
16 Mar 08
Actually natural chocolate sweetened with berries will help as it has helped me!! I tried products like proactive and other creams and antibiotics and nada. I have mild PCOS and acne is a symptom.
• United States
15 Mar 08
If you don't already, start drinking oolong or green tea. Oolong tastes much better in my opinion, and both have antioxidants that really help with healthy skin. Reduce your chocolate intake, probably because of the sugar and fats in the average chocolate candy bar, many people have found a connections with eating lots of chocolates, and breaking out a little while later. Also cut all sodas and sweetened beverages. High Fructose Corn Syrup is disgustingly bad for your overall health, and very much bad for your skin. My mother used Pepsi to for caffeine in college, broke out badly for the first time. Quit Pepsi, skin cleared up. I don't know what your diet is like, but that's what I would advise. Also on the matter of soap, use a very gentle soap on your skin, if you dry it out, your skin will respond by producing extra oil as a defense against the dryness, and that can make breakouts worse. Instead use a very gentle soap, while in the shower under warm water, that way your pores are open and able to get cleaned out. I wouldn't use soap more than once a day though. You can remove oil as much as you want by blotting your face with the dull side of a seat cover, it's equally as effective as those blotting paper things.