Fighting In Your Sleep

United Kingdom
@wolfie34 (26875)
March 24, 2008 5:59pm CST
I know it's common to talk whilst you are sleeping as well as being common to sleep walk but has anyone actually started fighting in their sleep? Well that's exactly what my friends told me I was doing last night, I was sharing a room with two of my friends at my retreat, Friday night and Saturday night I had a restful night and I am always asking people if I snore and they say No I don't because I am always worried when sleeping with someone if I snore, I find that very embarrassing snoring But this morning my two friends were really worried about me because in the middle of the night I started to wave my arms around as thought I was trying to fight someone, and they said I actually went to get up and my arms were everywhere and I sat up and flung my legs out as though I was kicking out, both of them said it not just one and I started to groan in my sleep too As far as I'm concerned this has never happened before, I know I sleep on my own and prefer it that way but whenever I share a room when I go away no one has ever said I snored or did something as crazy as start fighting in my sleep Any ideas? It seems so weird? Fighting and waving my arms around I was away on holiday, and it only happened last night and not the two other nights I was away Weird eh? Explanations or suggestions greatly received Have you ever been told you were seen fighting in your sleep or doing odd things when you were sleeping and totally oblivious, unless someone told you you wouldn't have known anything about your weird sleeping activities