Do You Search Grave Yards?

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March 27, 2008 8:39am CST
Since I'm a big genealogy nut, I like going to cemeteries and out of the way grave yards. I enjoy walking through a cemetery reading headstones. It's especially exciting to come upon a burial site with a headstone engraved with a name you are researching. It's even more rewarding when you come upon a gravesite of an ancestor you've been searching for. I think it's important to keep our cemeteries clean and the headstones maintained. Do you visit graveyards? Do you get a kick out of finding a cemetery out in the country that has been hidden for years?
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29 Jun 08
Are we related? I have an uncle who visits grave yards all over. If he is going on vacation he will research the area and see if there is a cemetary near that he needs to see! lol. I have not been as into it as him but I do find them peaceful and enjoy relaxing by waliking in one.
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29 Jun 08
I think they are fascinating. The history and the people never know when you will come upon someone who might have been related.... It's awesome.
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4 Jun 08
Oddly enough, my honeymoon was driving across the country to go looking at cemeteries. Yeah, it sounds kind of weird, but my (now ex-)husband and I were both interested in genealogy! More recently, however, I haven't been doing much exploring of cemeteries. I live far from where my family lives and lived, so the cemeteries I would want to explore are far away.
@kaysue4 (951)
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10 May 08
I would LOVE to search the grave yards of my family, but it is too far away and the price of gas, I guess I will never get to now. When I was homeschooling my boys, we would go and search for soldiers that were in different wars and teach them about those wars. Got them very interested in the different wars and the inportance of those wars. My one son got to go for a fieldtrip today and place flags on the graves of soldiers. He is 15 and what a great thing the teacher did to teach the importance of the soldiers and to give them respect.
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8 May 08
hi terilee79720 I do a lot of cemeteries, and I'm going to give you a tip to help on your genealogy study. Take a small digital camera whith spare batteries and memory, and take a photo of each tombstone that you find and, of any interesting grave or epitaph. whith that information you can work it at home on your leasure time. Keep on with the good work. josefoto
@JoyfulOne (6242)
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10 Apr 08
Call me strange, but I love going and looking around cemetaries. Some of the most beautiful memorials of days gone by are in them. I remember once finding a small cemetary out in the middle of this woods, and it turned out that the graves there were from one of General Washington's aides, and his family. Evidently there used to be a wagon trail there, and it all grew up with underbrush from nobody travelling it in many, many years. It was a really great find, and I went back with some friends and we cleared the brush and all from around the graves. Later it made it onto a local map and was verified :-) One of the best cemetaries I ever was in was up in Boston by the old North Church. There's some amazing granite work there, as well as ancient tombstones with clever wording on them. I have also found relatives in graveyards where our family had lost track of somebody's grave, that's always a nice find! I think I have most of the ancestors graves listed in my genealogy now so that other family members can find them in the future generations. It's fun finding out where your roots are!