My Partener is always flearting with my sisters

March 29, 2008 8:48pm CST
I have been with my partener for 5 years now. For the first year or go he was really shy and quite around my family But since coming out of his shell he is always flearting with my family. Every Friday all my family get together at my grans for a drink and a catch up but he fleart like mad with everyone. I come from a council estate in Manchester no qualifications and didnt have a job when we met. I now have my own Beauty Salon after he paid for my collage course and bought it for me, we own our own home and he owns businesses throughout the UK and Europ he is very good looking and very successful it seems to me he is flearting because he is looking for someone else because i am not good enough Even when we go out into town he flerts he even does it when we go shopping to complete strangers. How can i tell him i dont like it without anoying him
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• Australia
30 Mar 08
I'm a natural born flirt. Since realising that I'm a lesbian I have ceased flirting with males for fear they might misconstrue it as a romantic interest rather than the innocent fun I intended. Prior to that I used to flirt with both males and females. Further, I have had to curb my flirtaciousness with women because my partner is uncomfortable with it. Occasionally she gets insecure and thinks I'm looking for someone else. So to avoid her discomfort I've stopped flirting altogether. Though I admit that I sometimes get annoyed with her groundless insecurity.
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@Darkwing (21588)
30 Mar 08
If I were you, I wouldn't worry about this flirting. I don't feel he's doing it because you're not good enough for him, because if he didn't care a lot for you, he wouldn't have paid for your college course and buy you the business, would he? You are still with him, so that says a lot for you. I think it's just a bit of harmless flirting, and as far as your family are concerned, I would imagine it's just that he feels comfortable with them. Strangers... well, he's just being friendly, I'd say. He sounds as though he's quite an outgoing person and he feels very comfortable around you. You've probably brought him out of himself a bit, and the fact that he's successful is because he's so outgoing. If you really feel the need to talk to him about it, then do so. You need to get it out of your system, because it's eating away at you inside. But, be gentle, and not too emotional because I feel sure he will give you assurance that his intentions are honourable. Brightest Blessings, and look on the bright side! You have a great man there!
@siaman (7)
• China
30 Mar 08
yeah,the condition you met is very common in our daylylife,and it happened sevaral menths ago beside me.but you can never care too much about it,or you will be got bothering,take it easy.
@sid556 (31005)
• United States
30 Mar 08
Your man sounds like a great guy to me. I think maybe that you are just a bit insecure with your own self worth. He sounds like a likeable, caring and loveable guy. Some people flirt quite naturally. I am told that I do and trust me, I am the most sincere person when I am with someone.....have never ever cheated on any man that i've been with and would not. I am just a friendly person. I have been with guys who are like you and uncomfortable with what they percieve as "flirting" and then feel threatened. I get insulted. I am very faithful. He is doing it right out in the open. to me it sounds as if he is just being himself. If I were you, I'd just be as charmed by him as everyone else is and consider yourself lucky that it is you he comes to each nite. The guys that cheat are usually a lot more secretive and less flirty openly. If you say anything to him, tell him just what you told us not accuse him of anything but just tell him how it makes you feel.