Cheetas attack woman at cat sanctuarybb

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
March 30, 2008 9:21am CST
Wildlife sanctuary owner was conducting exhibition with two cheetahs in cage One cat became distracted, knocked her over and pounced on her She has dozens of puncture wounds to back and extremities. This happened in Wellington Florida. Just goes to show even experts should remain CAREFUL!!
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
3 Apr 08
They have one of those between here and St. Louis. My dad called earlier and asked if I thought my daughter would want to go. My parents took my son about 2 years ago and he really liked it. This kinda makes me wonder if we should go.
• United States
3 Apr 08
It is, I think, a warning that wild animals are always a little wild. The owner of the sanctuary can be expected to have a good understanding of this little idea, as well as intimate knowledge of the animals in question. That is, their health, their mental balance, etc.. Even with those advantages, she was attacked. The Crocodile Hunter, Steven, when alive routinely flirted with disaster. He was either blessed, skilled, or both. A point proved by this woman's encounter.
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
30 Mar 08
Indeed...its never safe whether or not one have been training or familiarising with a wild animal since young... There have been too many cases of such attacks even when a lion tamer or elephant tamer are doing an act and things went wrong just like that... Letting one's guard down is probably the most silly thing to do...They are animals no matter what and they have their instincts...