Isn't there a limit to 'needing help'?

@jidesh (283)
April 5, 2008 7:24pm CST
All humans are dependant upon each other and it is a mandate to help fellow human beings. In fact there's a song where it said that : Did you share anyone else's joy and sorrow? Having been in the world full of misery, did you take it upon yourself to wipe off anyone's tears? I have needed help and been given a hand and I have done what I cu'ld for others...but here is my question: can anyone -except those who are disabled - need help permamantly? My idea of help was that: 1, It is voluntary -the party helping decides weather to help or not and when to start or stop, 2, It is time limited or event limited - it is dispensed for a defined time or till the person needing help meets a goal like finishing college or find a job etc... 3, The person being helped does follow common decency of not deliberately making situation worse or misuse the help. 4, Most importantly -there is an endpoint where the hepling party can feel done and move on with his/her own life. I know this discussion is too abstract but when I see a person, a family, a community or a country take help for granted and a permanant arrangement, I feel for the person who has no choice but keep providing. I am refering to people living on welfare generation after generation without giving tax-payers a choice about it, friends and family members who perpetually ask others to bail out while continuing self destructive behaviour, nations who stay dependant upon foriegn aids. etc. etc. What are your thoughts?
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@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Apr 08
I agree there has to be a time limit on helping someone and after that it becomes sponging off the helper on the helpee's part. A parent can only do so much then comes a time when the young adult has to make his or her own way.
• United States
6 Apr 08
help is never permante that only leads to someone depending on you for thier every need and they wont get off thier butts to stand on thier own two feet. i help people aswell but i also let them know that its a one time thing(depending on the situation) or it's only till they get on thier feet but i make them get out there to get what they need. i try to keep the help short because i have my own life, children, bills and so forth and i can't take another persons situiation on top of my own, and i've also been in situiations were i have helped people and it only got me a kick in the butt. so i realy have to see you struggling to get involed i know it may sound mean but one hand has to wash the other.....