Pouncing on the innocent - why?

April 6, 2008 8:51am CST
Funny people are those who,when in bad tempers, pounce on others who are innocent. It is true of me also. But I have found out a way. When in anger,I go away from the place and start writing on a piece of paper whatever comes to my mind(who knows,some great things may come out of my writing also!)This way my anger got reduced. How about you? Any novel ways you have invented?
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@jakesmum (154)
• Australia
8 Apr 08
I always try not to hold on to anger. It is a very destructive emotion, and never leads to good things. I love your idea of writing out your anger - creative writing as therapy has helped me all through my life, first writing a diary as a teenager, and various other types of writing as an adult. With anger, I always get my reason involved in the thing - try to see different viewpoints and so on. Very often if you think rationally about something you'll realise that you are not necessarily looking at a situation correctly. I'm angry about governments going to war though, but that happens for many reasons. I'm particularly angry about the Iraq war, and I've protested to different people in different ways about it. Rational action is far more effective than irrational anger.
@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
6 Apr 08
When I feel my anger is about to explode I will take myself out for a long walk, that usually does the trick, by removing yourself away from the person or the situation which is making you angry it will be much easier and the anger abates and by the time you come back to the situation or around the person or people you love you have time for your anger to die down and you can think more clearly and logically. Or I will go to the gym and take my anger and frustration out when running or lifting heavy weights.
@kezabelle (2985)
6 Apr 08
I think it is always good to remove yourself from what ever is making you angry give yourself chance to calm down and then go back to sort what ever it was that caused the anger. Sometimes when my children are playing up say its raining or too nasty to go outside then I find two minutes in the kitchen while I make a cup of tea a good way to relax myself rather than getting so stressed out I maybe shout or get upset then I can go back and carry on trying to keep them amused indoors.