The basis of any relationship !

@p_vadla (1688)
April 6, 2008 9:27am CST
Most people say it is selfishness.I just could not understand it fully. What do you think ?
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@Emma_Wang (210)
• China
7 Apr 08
everyone is selfish about himself and do a lot of things for himself,mayeb this is not the selfish but the essence of the human beings.the basis of any relationship in my opinion is that the trust ,if you trust somebody or if someone trust you ,then you can make friends or cooperation with him or her.and any thing should be do on the trust.
@acevivx (1566)
• Philippines
7 Apr 08
I would rather say that the recipe for a lasting relationship would need not just trust but a little bit of everything that could build a strong and lasting foundation. You can not just rely on trust alone because sometines, when you trust too much you might tend to give the impression that you don't care enough or are not concerned. You must add much love and affection and care,a bit of humor,a sense of adventure,enough quality time, friendship, respect, a sense of independence and dependence, if you know what I mean, not too clinging and dependent but at the same time not too independent as to seem not needing the other party,and a bit of everything that can help strengthen the relationship. Definitely, selfishness would start eroding not building up the relationship. And of course, a mutual desire and efforts on the part of both of you to make the relationship work, is indispensable.
@djmarion (4903)
• Philippines
7 Apr 08
a selfish relationship will not last, relationship is a two way street, there should be a taking and a giving, any relationship that founded in selfishness and deciet can easily be broken. for a relationship to last, trust, honesty, love and commitment should be there. I guess the simple basis of a lasting relationship is the commitment that sprung out from love. because if commitment exist there will be no deciet.
• India
7 Apr 08
well if you think about it at length bottom line it is your own personal selfishness that needs you to be in a relationship. its the wants and needs that make you enter any relationship
6 Apr 08
I agree with the comments below, relationships should be based on trust, and give and take. If it is one sided and either party is selfish, then it is not really a relationship. It could be called service, or slavery. Relationships should be about forgiving, don't let the sun set on an argument. This is good advice whether you apply it to husband and wife, or two friends.
@kezabelle (2985)
6 Apr 08
Selfishness can not be the basis of any good healthy relationship, relationships are about giving and loving you can not do either if your only wish is to be selfish. A relationship should be based on love and caring and very importantly trust.
@Breath (1298)
• United States
6 Apr 08
I believe in any relationship the main basis should be simple trust.If yuo trust the person you are with it maks all the difference in the world!