Why start discussions?

April 6, 2008 4:44pm CST
What is the point of starting discussions and responding to discussions? How can i benifit from starting a discussion or from respnding to one? Be as descriptive as possible, i really need to know!
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@98765m (1019)
• India
7 Apr 08
well,as you must have heard a million times,no one does know the method how one earns.But,from what I have heard from here is that,if you start a discussion and if it is very much active,and comes under "today's top discussions" then the probability of your earnings is more..............by responding to a discussion both qualitatively and quantitatively ,you earn more and there is a chance that you earn for every post..............And I also think that if your response is selected as the best response,then also ,I think you earn more for that post. Well,what I have said above is through practical experience. Cheers!
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Apr 08
I think the purpose of starting discussions is to present your views and to stir up interest in some of the things you are interested thus making some communication and some friendship among your friends and the other mylotters Also you do get paid something for your work too.Responding to others discussions shows you have read and wish to share your own thoughts about the discussion you read.YOUget paid for good well thought out discussions and good healthy sized responses that show you read the entire discussions.
• Canada
6 Apr 08
I think conversation is the main point or idea of creating or responding to discussions. If you start a discussion you find answers to your questions, suggestions for your problems, and opinions for your debates. It is a great way to learn about other people. If you respond to a discussion, you get to put in your opinion. You will find out who agrees with you, and you does not. It is also a great chance to help someone out with any problems they may be having. Aside from all of this, you also get paid. Its a great bonus. At first, I was just here because I was going to get paid. But once I started posting more, I realized what a great communuity this really is. My motive changed from money, to helping others and finding opinions. Starting discussions and responding to them will really help you learn a great deal about yourself and others.
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• India
7 May 08
well friend for starting every discussion also u get paid