Pet Peeves?

@mimm45 (168)
April 8, 2008 12:07am CST
What's your top three pet peeves? Mine are 1) people chewing a gum so loudly you can hear their jaws working 2) people who have their i-pods or mp3 player in max volume you can hear them from 1 meter away 3) people who don't respect your personal space (ie standing very close to you). These things really irritate me.
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• Southend-On-Sea, England
30 Apr 08
I've done my no.1 peeve on another thread, but will include it here as it drives me out of my mind. My top 3 pet peeves are: 1. People who keep clearing their throats every few seconds. 2. Noisy neighbours, and that includes loud voices, kids kicking footballs against fences in back gardens, kids shrieking, neighbours playing loud music/having loud parties, upstairs neighbours walking on wooden floors....the list goes on! 3. People who keep sniffing without blowing their noses. If all those things were to immediately stop, I'd have almost 100% peace of mind.
@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
8 Apr 08
my biggest pet peeves right now are 1) people who NEVER clean up after themselves but are extremely good at leaving a mess 2) people who get in my personal space uninvited and dont respect it when you step away. 3) people who always have to have the last word..even if its "but" or "and" just ugh leave a discussion or argument or whatever where it ends even if you didnt end it
@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
8 Apr 08
No 1 being called Hately no2 people talking on cell phones and walking so close behind me that I think someone is talking to me. 3. clerks calling me maam over and over. the name is mrsHatley. I have always hated being maamed by anyone Ms or Mrs or even lady but no maam. One clerk in our local grocery store always calls me young lady and that really makes myday as I an eighty one.