NFA Rice problem.. Is just a strategy.

April 9, 2008 1:34pm CST
I've been listening and watching the news now and then and listening to a lot of opinions from anyone.. I've learned a lot of things. Its been hard and its kind of we don't like things are happening in our country today. Sooner or later our place will be in chaos. For us Filipinos, we usually believe as what the media says for it is what we see everyday. We put full trust and belief on medias for they show the current happenings in the world. Let me ask you one thing. Did you ever think that media is also a brain washer and a strategist? Did you ever think that the people who owns media are also rich people who have also rich friends? In this case. In my own opinion that media also covers and helps the people on his back. I'm tired of listening to Lozada's words, NFA Rice Hike, Oil Price increase and more issues that are effaced for they have been covered up by another issue. For NFA Rice as what my topic is. For me is just a strategy. I have to opinions on different side. The side of the country's President and the side of the Arroyo's Enemy. For the side of Macapagal-Arroyo, for me if she's using this strategy to cover up the issues which are bigger than this. Like the contract between China and Phil about loaning. The Lozada's Proclamation. The Billion Dollar Loan of the Phil. The First Gentleman Case. Etc. If the NFA issue booms to public she will reverse it and will help her to become at least a good leader. For the Anti-Arroyo for me, they use this strategy to make her name dirty and false to everyone. The Anti's bought lots of NFA and hold it and make modus operandi's like selling it expensively. This affects the Position for she is the one who proposes the NFA Program and she didn't handle it well. As you can see anywhere wether rich or poor looks for NFA Rice for its rice are really expensive nowadays. But in this event why revenge? Why don't they help one another. Hayz.. People nowaday don't have fear in God anymore for catholics. Anyways. It's quite long for it really affects me. If your concern and affected on what is happening to our country today. I will fully accept your opinions about the issue. Let's help the country in our little ways. Like here in MYLOT for everyone will know and with this discussion, more and more people will be open up on the happenings in our country. Let's help one another. Let's start it small. I know somebody will listen to us.
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@jeanniemay (1803)
• Philippines
9 Apr 08
I particularly understand and feel your sentiments. I am also a Filipino and it's disgusting to hear and be aware of all these inadequacies, rivals, overpowering, and faults around our economic, social and political grounds. I am not in agreement to all this mass rallies happening around. I mean, if we can get our hands and feet to work, it is more appropriate and better for all. I don't mean us ignoring what is happening and just consume ourselves with our personal concerns, not at all. If we will do our part and just be productive and focused as our other Asian counterparts, it sounds better. And we have legal remedies to act upon in case we find some faults, we forget about connection, we cannot really remove it to people on power but we can just do our part, that is more admirable than whining and whining. Well, yes, a partly agree with you that it's tiring and demeaning to listen and watch this news everyday. Let's also pray hard and act upon in our little way, that I agree best.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
Well, has it occured to us that these rallies are only making the people who want to overtake the seat of power stronger? And what will happen after this? Do we seriously think that if we overthrow the present leader things would be much better? Has it occured to us that the leaders who are criticizing the present administration are also the ones who were seated before? They were the ones the people overthrew a few years back. Also, I will ask these questions and I hope nobody will get offended because I didn't really mean to do that. Have we looked at ourselves in the mirror lately? Have we noticed the dirt on our faces? Do we make it a habit to wipe the dirt off our faces before we wipe others'. Do we violate simple traffic rules? Do we throw small pieces of trash on the sidewalks or on places that nobody would see? Well the streetsweepers will clean them anyway.. is that how we think? Do we give alms to the poor? Do we turn your back at those people who need your help? Do we spread gossips/rumors about your neighbor? Sure these are petty things but evil is still evil however you put it. We keep bashing on other people for their wrong doings that we fail to see our own shortcomings. I suggest we criticize those people who fail to do what's right.
@athinapie (1151)
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
i'm really sad about the present situation of our country i may be young... but i already feel the burden of this problem... and it really sucks.. the rich get richer... the poor get poorer... life is indeed unfair oh somebody pls help us...
@rsa101 (16718)
• Quezon City, Philippines
14 Apr 08
Well whatever they do to cover the issues at hand there is always another controversy that sprouts from the cover up. I am getting your point in there. There is always two sides in a coin. No matter how much you want to hide there is something that sprouts opposite to it. I am just as concerned as I am also a buyer and a rice consumer. It is one thing that may turn my attention amongst other concern. But if ever the admin did that they were also losing since many controversies inside NFA started to float and was seen so they are again facing the same problems. They are just trying to defocus the main issue right now. Although there are many claiming that there is no rice shortage but since the government started it then they are creating the problem instead of stopping the real problems of the country.
• Philippines
13 Apr 08
I heard this issue too on an AM station. Sad thing's people who work very hard and earn a little money are the ones who are greatly affected by this so-called "strategy". We are just so helpless when it comes to basic commodity problems. Our government keeps on bragging the things that they have done on this country. Of course you gotta give them credit, but aren't they paid for that? I mean its their job. I'm already burned out on this kind of system. No matter how you strive, when you're on this environment, you get pulled down.
@tatzkie (644)
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
arroyo is very desperate to remove the threat behind her. rice since its a basic thing for all of us... she maximize the so called crisis... bloating it up to large proportion just to divert the attention of the public. God help us. filipinoes are not idiots. but i dont understand why sometimes we like to be treated as one.