How do you deal with Cowards!?

@kamran12 (5556)
April 13, 2008 12:40am CST
Cowards are special type of people. Because of their low self esteem, they appear friendly to you and may even flatter you often, just because of their fears that they can't face you. But, when an opportunity arises to attack you especially when you are weakest, they would gather their cohorts and will attack you ensemble in the dark, just like hyenas attack as a herd. There was a guy down the street where I lived in my homeland. He would act nice, normally, but whenever his cousins and friends visited him from a nearby village, he used to start acting like he is a hero and would cause problems in the locality. I used to try to avoid them, for it was a disgrace to deal with them. How do you deal with cowards? Do you entertain them with attention or do you try to avoid them? Have you ever had an experience with a coward(s)?