Does this make my child a genius?

April 15, 2008 3:16pm CST
Today, I was reading about a 3 year old child who is considered a genius and has an IQ of over 150. Apparently, by the time this child was 2 years old, she could speak in sentences and have conversations, count to 10, get herself dressed and also speak a little French. This is all very good for such a young child but I was surprised to see that her IQ was so high because, although my children are clever, I have never considered that either of them might be a genius. Apart from getting dressed (although he can do some things himself) and replacing the French with a little Mandarin Chinese, my youngest son did all that too. He's 2 months short of 3 years old. He spoke his first words early and is very articulate in speach, capable of true conversation. He could count to 10 not long after 12 months old and he is now learning the alphabet. He spoke single words clearly at around 10 months and was forming sentences by 14 months, while creating clear sentences and having conversations at 17 months. He now recognises some letters and also some two-digit numbers. He has only been let down by gross motor skills ie. he did not crawl until 9 months or walk until 23 months. Although, my older son who is now 8 could do mostly the same things but walked at 9 months and didn't talk quite so early. I am showing off a little here but it just got me thinking when I read about this girl. It is fantastic that she is so bright and capable but my kids must be even more clever than I realised when I take it for granted that children can do certain things. What do you think?