HELP! I want to copy pictures from PC to disk - HELP!!!!!!

United States
@coffeebreak (17829)
April 19, 2008 8:36pm CST
I have spent the last 4 hours straight trying to deal with getting my photos onto a disk. Please help me if you can! I need to make a disk of all my photos (instead of the old fashioned negatives, and also to copy and send to others). I used MIcrosoft Picture It to crop and size and all that, then save the photo to my hard drive under My Pictures in My Documents. I open them on the hard drive, and there they are so I know that much is done. Now, I want to copy all the photos onto a disk to save (instead of negatives or many photo albums) and also to make additional send disks to send to others. Now, I tried copy and paste (choose folders I want and click "copy" and then open the CD drive E: and click "paste". It gives me something about "thumb" is not recognized by this program. Not a clue what that is. And it only copies some of the photos, not all. I have tried a CD Creator program, and although it came with my PC when I bought it, and had it on here at one time, it now says it is not compaitble with this version of windows (XP) I have done no changes to it in anyway. I did find out that I have to use a DVD disk as there is not enough room on a CD disk at least that is what it told me. I am copying maybe 100 pictures. 780 mg is what the CD-RW is. I tried a DVD with 4.7gb -is that enough? How many pictures will the CD hold? If it holds like 50 regular size (4x6) prints, that will be okay, but I con't know how many it will hold. So, any suggestions on how to copy from the hard drive to disk? Which disk to use, and how to copy and burn it? I am a novice so tell me in those wonderful "words for dummies" so I can understand! I have WinXP. Thanks so much