Healing Through Cheer

@clrumfelt (5425)
United States
April 21, 2008 8:00am CST
I heard a story about a man who was diagnosed with cancer. He went and rented all the funny movies and programs he could find and shut himself up in a hotel room for about 36 hours and did nothing but watch the movies and laugh out loud. Supposedly, his cancer went away and he was perfectly healed. The Bible says in Proverbs 17:22 "A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Do you think this man healed himself by getting himself a cheerful spirit rather than brooding over his bad fortune? Please share your views on this.
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• Indonesia
21 Apr 08
I agree totally with that. I experience it myself. When I was down becasue of broken heart I feel like the world rejected me and feel like I am alone. I become sick and one by one all this illness approaching me. I feel alone.. Then, Thats It! I am sick of being sick and feeling down so I make a big step to work abroad just to overcome my feeling.. I met new friends and busy with my jobs, etc.. I forget all my pain and started to laugh again. I make myself feel happy (I wrote 10 things to change myself including, forgiving, laugh, be happy and life is beautiful, and put it next to my bed so I can read it every morning) And yes it works... Then I realized that only me that can help myself by being happy. Everything started to change after that... I never get sick again, I am happy and everything good just approaching me afterwards... Until today.. I see the world differently.. I see it from a happy side... In a positive way..
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@clrumfelt (5425)
• United States
21 Apr 08
I'm glad you shared that. Reading about your experience has lifted my mood today. I think a positive attitude,happiness, thankfulness are so important to having a healthy body.