The luck of finding a penny?

@gemini_rose (16209)
April 25, 2008 4:33pm CST
From being a child I have grown up with this saying: Find a penny, pick it up All day long you will get good luck Pass it on, to a friend And your luck will never end. Now then, I used to follow this one to the letter, if I was alone I would pick up the penny and keep it in my pocket or on me. If I was with a friend then I would pass it on to her while reciting the poem to her. So how come I never got good luck, in fact, I would say that each time I picked them up something would go wrong, in the end I just gave up picking the things up!! So my question to you lot of lovely people is have you ever heard of this poem thing? or do you have a different version? Plus, after picking a penny up off the floor that you find, did you ever get any good luck and if so what was the change in luck???