Personel computer or laptop...which thing make you comfort more???

@sikkujoy (194)
April 30, 2008 12:20am CST
Laptop is easy to handling.It can move anywhere .But i like PC more.Because,,i dont know answer....wat u like more...
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@cheney (199)
• Hong Kong
1 May 08
Desktop are always powerful than laptops. But it also occupy more space on your desk and is much heavier. For someone who always have to move house like me, they will have to spend much energy in dealing with it. So I prefer laptop to pc.
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• Romania
1 May 08
i think that is better a laptop for bussines and a pc=personal computer for games,music,videos,and others things :)).
@musicdoG (228)
• United States
1 May 08
I have my desktop and it does the work for me , i don't leave the house much only sometimes but i spend more time in the house and I like my desktop i don't think I'll need a laptop anytime soon
@newway64 (343)
• Canada
30 Apr 08
hi i think laptop easy and you can take laptop with you
@Asylum (48223)
• Manchester, England
30 Apr 08
I have both laptop and desktop computers and they each have they own advantages. The laptop is very convenient to transport and easy to handle, while the desktop can be upgraded easier by adding other components.
30 Apr 08
I like pc because it is very easy to upgrade and repair. If you hav a prob with some card or drive or motherboard You dont have to replace the whole thing. And besides that, hard drives and dvd roms for laptops are much more expensive as compared to that of a pc. Laptops are also not very good at dispensing the heat from the processor so they heat up pretty quickly and it might go kaboom.
• Malaysia
30 Apr 08
I prefer high quality laptop. Because I need it wherever I am especially when I am outstation. I have one laptop provided by the company and it is very compartible to me.