The atm machine ate my atm card help

Garden Grove, California
@Hatley (98709)
May 1, 2008 1:22pm CST
Hi mylotters has this ever happened to you? You go through the various step so deposit money to your account and you are almost through and you somehow must have paused a moment too long on your last click and ohmyG my atm card is swallowed up. I cannot pull it out. help, then you go in and stand in line and tell the bank teller that your atm card got swallowed up. She looks down her nose at you as if you had a bad odor and asks which machine was it. So now you hope that its no big deal. wrong. For some unfathomable reason they do not just open up the machine and take it out. oh no she then tells you that you must call the help number of your bank, tell them what happen, and they will send you a new card with a new number. You cannot believe this but you ask how long it will take. she says rather disdainfully about seven working days. I once again ask but cannot you just remove it from the machine rather than have to go through all that. So she just repeats what she has told you before slowly as though she thinks you are an idiot. Do any of you understand why she could not have just taken my card out of the machine in the first place?